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Wifi Cinema Is Better Than:
* HBO - Showtime - Cinemax
* Cheaper Than Pay Per View
* More Convenient Than Red Box
* Larger Selection Than Netflix
Even See Movies Playing
In The Theater!
Never Buy or Rent Another DVD
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Our equipment allows you to access the content stored on servers all over the world via the Internet.  You must have a fast Internet connection of at least 6mps for the streaming to work best.  The amount of content you will have access to is almost limitless.
Our equipment is not setup to get your local channels.  It is better suited to replace your DVD player.  But it does allow you to find and watch live sporting events.  It will also allow you to find and watch movies currently in the theaters, however If a movie is listed as CAM it will not be good quality after a couple of weeks the movie will update to HD, HQ, SD, MQ or 1080p, all of these listings will be of good quality.
Our equipment is nothing more than a small computer that allows you to access media stored on servers all over the world.
Streaming and watching a movie is not illegal.  All movies stored on servers outside the U.S. and the content on the server can be seen by anyone with the proper access.
Your $19.95 monthly payment covers customer service, software updates and broken equipment.  The cost of the Return shipping to the company is the responsibility of the customer.  You can cancel the service at anytime by simply returning the equipment.  NO REFUNDS.